“A competent job with their blend of escape room gaming, theatre film & technology…”
Straits Times

“A competent job with their blend of escape room gaming, theatre film & technology…”
Straits Times

The Live Experience

The Live Experience

What to Expect

The Live Experience for 5 pax will continue as planned amidst the current restrictions as all Safe Management Measures have been adhered and abided to.

The Live Experience consists of 2 parts –

1. A 60 minutes Live escape game at a secret location, to be revealed only on the day of the experience

2. The virtual gameplay of Murder at Old Changi Hospital which can be accessed at your own time and space via a link (valid for 30 days after your Live experience).

Part 1: LIVE Escape Game at a Secret Location.

After reopening the case of the Murder at Old Changi Hospital that happened 25 years ago, Paranormal Investigator Tom has gone missing.

It is said that he was very close to solving the mystery and someone is after his life for that. Could it be the work of the supernatural or the alleged murderer?

Your mission is to break into his office to search for evidence and clues that will bring you closer to solving the case and to find the key to unlocking the videos that will reveal all of Tom’s findings.

You have precisely 1 hour to fulfill your mission and leave the office before your life is in danger.

We are counting on you…

This LIVE escape game will provide you with vital evidence and case files that will be useful for your virtual gameplay of Murder at Old Changi Hospital.

Part 2: A Virtual Gameplay at your own time and space.

With the evidence and case files collected from the LIVE escape game, you continue the role as a talented paranormal investigator. Attuned to the spirits, you navigate a complete sensory world of Old Changi Hospital.

Within these eerie halls, Farah Aiyah (played by Munah Bagharib) was allegedly murdered. 25 years on, it is believed that the ghost of Farah continues to trap the four Commandos associated with her murder within the hospital.

It is up to you to solve this terrifying mystery once and for all.

Find Farah’s murderer and end the curse – before it is too late!

“The most powerful element in any horror-thriller experience is the narrative and Murder at OCH knows how to weave an intriguing one.”

City Nomads

The Live Experience

Holiday Package
For a group of up to 5pax

Fridays – Sundays
12 Nov 2021 – 2 January 2022
2pm, 3.30pm, 5pm, 6.30pm, 8pm & 9.30pm


Part 1: LIVE 60 minutes Escape Room game at a secret location.

Part 2: A unique link to the Virtual Gameplay at your own time & space.
+ 10 minutes time extension
+ 2 unique clues
+ Bonus materials & evidence



Thrilling, fun and very interactive…
The best online escape room


Featuring tighter plot lines and more challenging gameplay puzzles than its previous installment!


This game is solid!
Highly recommend it.


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FAQ – The Live Experience

This is a real life adventure where you and your fellow players have 60 minutes to break out of a room by solving puzzles and piecing together clues. Following which, you’ll unlock the virtual escape room murder mystery gameplay, Murder at Old Changi Hospital, to be played at your own time.

We are cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces daily within the escape room.

Due to safe management measures, all slots are dedicated to your booking. Number of pax is dependent on current government regulations.

As this is a limited exclusive experience, we seek your understanding that no cancellation and reshuffling of dates are allowed after payment is made.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your game time and be sure to do the necessary safe entry check in and present proof of vaccination status.

Yes, you will need to book tickets at as we can’t guarantee a spot unless you’ve booked ahead of time.

Yes, we can host parties and corporate events, but with the current government regulations. Please see below on the number of participants.

We are able to host up to 5 pax per session. For 5 pax and below, please access our ticketing page via []. For bookings of more than 5 pax, please contact our customer service representative at hello[@]

Do note that there may be changes to the number of pax due to updates on the safe distancing measures and government restrictions.